the tower

Once upon a time, there was a guy called Nick who lived in a small town with a little bay and a
tall round tower.
Nick was a nostalgic one, and thought everything he wanted was on the other side of the sea.
One day he left home and went up the tower.

Many years passed, and his mother died of old age or boredom.

At the bottom of the tower, there is a pit. They say one can hear some woman's voice calling for Nick; that the crickets call him as well; that she is a ghost and won't leave until she says goodbye to her beloved son.
Nowadays that tower is a tavern. It is run by an old lady who has the ability of bringing people together.
I went up the tower one clear day, and I was surprised to find out that the sea only goes some miles...
It is, in fact, a lake.

I once met a woman breastfeeding a baby girl up there. Next time I saw her, she was carrying a cactus with a flower. I told her she was lucky, cacti rarely bloom. She said hers does all the time, and each time the flower is a different color. Another time I saw a crowd of people drinking in the tavern. They were loud with pleasure, sitting around wooden tables. And I saw more drinking than people. Some other time a woman showed me a picture she had found. She didn't know what it was of, but I recognized a friend from Brazil. She believed it was a map to a treasure.

The last time I went there, it was one clear night, so I went up to look at the stars. A friend saw me from the bottom of the stairs and climbed them too, calling my name before reaching the top to avoid frightening me. I had this amazing story to tell him, but he already knew all about the sea-lake, Nick, and the crickets.

What he didn't know, and nobody has found out yet, is that
Nick never jumped.
The view from the top is so unveiling, he decided to stay.
And there he remains.